Module deltachat::imex::transfer

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Transfer a backup to an other device.

This module provides support for using n0’s iroh tool to initiate transfer of a backup to another device using a QR code.

Using the iroh terminology there are two parties to this:

  • The Provider, which starts a server and listens for connections.
  • The Getter, which connects to the server and retrieves the data.

Iroh is designed around the idea of verifying hashes, the downloads are verified as they are retrieved. The entire transfer is initiated by requesting the data of a single root hash.

Both the provider and the getter are authenticated:

  • The provider is known by its peer ID.
  • The provider needs an authentication token from the getter before it accepts a connection.

Both these are transferred in the QR code offered to the getter. This ensures that the getter can not connect to an impersonated provider and the provider does not offer the download to an impersonated getter.