Module deltachat::message

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§Messages and their identifiers.


  • An object representing a single message in memory. The message object is not updated. If you want an update, you have to recreate the object.
  • Message ID, including reserved IDs.


  • State of the message. For incoming messages, stores the information on whether the message was read or not. For outgoing message, the message could be pending, already delivered or confirmed.
  • How a message is primarily displayed.


  • Deletes requested messages by moving them to the trash chat and scheduling for deletion on IMAP.
  • Estimates the number of messages that will be deleted by the options delete_device_after or delete_server_after. This is typically used to show the estimated impact to the user before actually enabling deletion of old messages.
  • Given a list of Message-IDs, returns the most relevant message found in the database.
  • Get the raw mime-headers of the given message. Raw headers are saved for incoming messages only if set_config(context, "save_mime_headers", "1") was called before.
  • Returns contacts that sent read receipts and the time of reading.
  • Returns the number of messages in contact request chats.
  • The number of messages assigned to unblocked chats
  • Returns the 1st part of summary text (i.e. before the dash if any) for a valid DeltaChat vCard.
  • Marks requested messages as seen.
  • Returns text for storing in the msgs.txt_normalized column (to make case-insensitive search possible for non-ASCII messages).
  • Returns MsgId and “sent” timestamp of the most recent message with given rfc724_mid (Message-ID header) and bool expr result if such messages exists in the db.