Module deltachat::webxdc::maps_integration

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§Maps Webxdc Integration.

A Maps Webxdc Integration uses sendUpdate() and setUpdateListener() as usual, however, it agrees with the core on the following update format:

§Setting POIs via sendUpdate()

payload: {
    action: "pos",
    lat:    53.550556,
    lng:    9.993333,
    label:  "my poi"

Just sent POI are received via setUpdateListener(), as well as old POI.

§Receiving Locations via setUpdateListener()

payload: {
    action:     "pos",
    lat:        47.994828,
    lng:        7.849881,
    timestamp:  1712928222,
    contactId:  123,    // can be used as a unique ID to differ tracks etc
    name:       "Alice",
    color:      "#ff8080",
    independent: false, // false: current or past position of contact, true: a POI
    label:       ""     // used for POI only