Trait deltachat::log::LogExt

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pub trait LogExt<T, E>
where Self: Sized,
{ // Required method fn log_err(self, context: &Context) -> Result<T, E>; }

Required Methods§


fn log_err(self, context: &Context) -> Result<T, E>

Emits a warning if the receiver contains an Err value.

Thanks to the track_caller feature, the location of the caller is printed to the log, just like with the warn!() macro.

Unfortunately, the track_caller feature does not work on async functions (as of Rust 1.50). Once it is, you can add #[track_caller] to helper functions that use one of the log helpers here so that the location of the caller can be seen in the log. (this won’t work with the macros, like warn!(), since the file!() and line!() macros don’t work with track_caller) See for progress on this.

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.

Implementations on Foreign Types§


impl<T, E: Display> LogExt<T, E> for Result<T, E>


fn log_err(self, context: &Context) -> Result<T, E>