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Reactions are short messages consisting of emojis sent in reply to messages. Unlike normal messages which are added to the end of the chat, reactions are supposed to be displayed near the original messages.

RFC 9078 specifies how reactions are transmitted in MIME messages.

Reaction update semantics is not well-defined in RFC 9078, so Delta Chat uses the same semantics as in XEP-0444 section “3.2 Updating reactions to a message”. Received reactions override all previously received reactions from the same user and it is possible to remove all reactions by sending an empty string as a reaction, even though RFC 9078 requires at least one emoji to be sent.


  • A single reaction consisting of multiple emoji sequences.
  • Structure representing all reactions to a particular message.


  • Adds given reaction to message msg_id and sends an update.
  • Returns a structure containing all reactions to the message.
  • Get our own reaction for a given message.
  • Sends a reaction to message msg_id, overriding previously sent reactions.
  • Updates reaction of contact_id on the message with in_reply_to Message-ID. If no such message is found in the database, reaction is ignored.