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Account manager module.
aheader 🔒
Autocrypt header module.
authres 🔒
Parsing and handling of the Authentication-Results header. See the comment on handle_authres for more.
blob 🔒
Blob directory management.
Chat module.
Chat list module.
color 🔒
Implementation of Consistent Color Generation.
Key-value configuration management.
configure 🔒
Email accounts autoconfiguration process module.
Contacts module
Context module.
Forward log messages to logging webxdc
decrypt 🔒
End-to-end decryption support.
dehtml 🔒
Download large messages manually.
e2ee 🔒
End-to-end encryption support.
Ephemeral messages.
events 🔒
Events specification.
List of email headers.
Get message as HTML.
http 🔒
HTTP module.
imap 🔒
IMAP handling module.
Import/export module.
job 🔒
Job module.
Cryptographic key module.
keyring 🔒
Keyring to perform rpgp operations with.
Location handling.
Login parameters.
Messages and their identifiers.
MIME message production.
MIME message parsing module.
net 🔒
OAuth 2 module.
param 🔒
OpenPGP helper module using rPGP facilities.
Handle plain text together with some attributes.
QR code module.
QR code generation module.
Support for IMAP QUOTA extension.
Internet Message Format reception pipeline.
scheduler 🔒
Verified contact protocol implementation as specified by countermitm project.
simplify 🔒
Simplify incoming plaintext.
smtp 🔒
SMTP transport module.
socks 🔒
SOCKS5 support.
sql 🔒
SQLite wrapper.
Module to work with translatable stock strings.
Message summary for chatlist.
sync 🔒
Synchronize items between devices.
Time smearing.
token 🔒
Token module.
Some tools and enhancements to the used libraries, there should be no references to Context and other “larger” entities here.
Functions to update timestamps.
Handle webxdc messages.



The event emitted by a Context from an EventEmitter.
A receiver of events from a Context.
Event channel.


Event payload.


If set IMAP/incoming and SMTP/outgoing MIME messages will be printed.